Private Saunas at Juuma

Sauna bathing by Lake Juumajärvi

Our renovated saunas open at Midsummer 2022. After the heat of the sauna, it is lovely to take a dip in the cool, clear water of Lake Juumajärvi.

Bookings and inquiries

Online 24 hours earlier. Other times by phone +358 40 843 3425or email

Lakeside sauna

Private sauna for 5 people
Price starting from €200 + towels €10/person

The location of our lakeside sauna could not be better. You can choose which side of Lake Juumajärvi you will take a dip after bathing!

The large wood-burning stove guarantees a gentle heat in the sauna.

Duration 2 hours

Smoke sauna

Private sauna for 10 person.
Price starting from €450 + towels €10/person

The smoke sauna has a magical atmosphere! Heating the smoke sauna is not a job for a busy man – it takes up to 5 hours to heat it up. The heating requires almost half a cubic metre of firewood.

Duration 3 hours

Ruka- Kuusamo, winter
Rukanriutta 9
93830 Rukatunturi FIN

Ruka- Kuusamo, summer
Juumantie 120
93999 Kuusamo FIN

Mailing address
Rukanriutta 9
93830 Rukatunturi FIN

+358 40 8433 425

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