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Fishing licences for Kuusamo rivers

Fishing permits from our online store

Get your fishing permits for the Kuusamo rivers Kitkajoki, Oulankajoki and Kuusinkijoki from our online store.

When you purchase a fishing permit, you will receive an order confirmation in your email. The order confirmation specifies the fishing rules and possible reserve areas. Please note that in the wilderness you may not be able to show the fishing permit saved as an email attachment on your phone. It is best to save the permit as a photo on your phone.

Upper part of River Kitkajoki joint area fishing permits

The joint permit area in the upper part of River Kitkajoki covers the water areas from Kiveskoski rapid to halfway up Aallokkokoski rapid.

The upper part of River Kitkajoki is the best place to fish for grayling. Thanks to the raised minimum catch size and compliance monitoring, the average grayling size has been increasing year by year, in recent years grayling up to 50 cm long have been caught in the area! The varying streams and rapids offer fishers many interesting fishing spots. Roads come close to the river and the Käylänkoski fishing pier is an easy-access spot where fishing can be done from a wheelchair. The Stella Polaris holiday village Kitkajoen Harjustuvat are located at a central spot by the Kiehtäjä rapid.





Fishing permits for rivers Kitkajoki and Oulankajoki

The Kitkajoki–Oulankajoki joint permit area comprises River Oulankajoki downstream from Nurmisaarenniemi cape, and the lower part of River Kitkajoki from halfway up Aallokkokoski rapid to River Oulankajoki.

The lower part of River Kitkajoki is a place for large trout that swim upstream from lakes Paanajärvi and Pääjärvi in Russia. The 9-metre Jyrävä waterfall is an obstacle for the rising trout. Here the fishers have to walk some distances to reach favourable fishing spots. In places, the banks of the river are steep with cliffs and rocks, and the road is several kilometres away. There are several lean-to shelters and campfire sites on the river shores. This is where the charm of the lower part of River Kitkajoki lies, fishing and hiking in the ruggedly beautiful wilderness.




River Kuusinkijoki joint area fishing permits

The River Kuusinkijoki joint area covers the whole of River Kuusinkijoki.

River Kuusinkijoki has the lowest flow of the three great trout rivers of Kuusamo. Forest roads on both sides of the river make it easy to find fishing spots after only a short walk. There are several lean-to shelters and campfire sites along the river. The parking lot below Saunavaara is big enough even for several caravans, and there is a camping site on the south shore of the river.