Ride Like a Pro

Challenging and fun for more experienced drivers.

Duration: 8 hours        Distance: 130-150 KM         Suitable for: Experienced drivers
Departures: Daily at 10.00 – 18.00

This is a safari for those who enjoy nature and drive a lot, if not snowmobiles, then quadbikes, motorbikes or jetskis. The trail traverses rugged fells and narrow valleys before coming to the first stop, where we serve a snacky lunch by a campfire. After a refreshing cup of strong hot coffee, you’ll continue onwards through the forest – perhaps coming across a herd of reindeer searching for their favourite food, moss and lichen, buried under as much as one metre of snow. The snowmobile trail we will follow may change accordingly.
Group size is maximum 8 people, single driving for adults only, no passengers.

We offer our customers pleasant driving experience:
– snowmobiles 600 E-TEC Lynx BoonDocker, Lynx Rave RE or Xtrim RE
– Snogear Drop driving gears, ARC helmets ja Scott goggles


Adults 230 € per person ( single driving only)

This safari starts from our office at Ruka

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