Lynx Rave RE 600 E-Tec

Track length 3300mm
Sport/Racing Edition
116 hv
110 eur/2h
195 eur/4h
275 eur/8h
350 eur/24h

Lynx Rave RE 600 E-TEC is a beast with the DNA of the Rave RS racer running through its veins. It stuns you with its handling, sportiness and comfort. The new REX2 design provides excellent protection from wind and sporty riding ergonomics. Performance is guaranteed by the Rotax 600 H.O. E-TEC engine that is strong as a bull and economical. When the PPS-3300 rear suspension designed for racetracks is combined with the A-LFS front suspension and top-grade shock absorbers, you can tame even the roughest of bumps. Rideability is topped off by the Blade skis that enable surgical steering precision.

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