Northern Lights Hunting


A special experience to discover the magic of a snowy forest and dark northern sky.

Duration: 3 hours                                          Distance: 20-30 km                                  Suitable for everybody

Starts daily at 20.00-23.00

Given extra light by the white snow reflection or the stars and the moon, we follow the snowmobile trails away from the lights of Ruka and looking for the spot to admire the sky.

 The guide will light up a campfire and we will enjoy a picnic while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. Everyone can grill traditional Finnish “makkara” sausages on the fire and we serve Lappish berry juice to keep you warm. For taking proper photos in darkness, you can bring along the tripod for your camera.

2 adults ride on one snowmobile, single riding supplement for extra charge. The tour is suitable for families with children, children are traveling in the sledge pulled by the guides snowmobile. We recommend to have an early dinner in the hotel before the departure.


124 € / adult, when 2 persons/ snowmobile

173 € / adult, when 1 person/ snowmobile

64 € / child ( 4-14 yrs)

This safari starts from our office at Ruka or from Posio

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