Freeride Safari

Snowmobile Driving Academy

Duration: 8 tuntia                                          Distance: 100-130 km                              For experienced drivers
Departure daily 10.00 – 18.00

You meet your guide at our safari house where you change into driving gear and get instructions for driving a snowmobile. We drive on one of the most beautiful snowmobile routes around Kuusamo and learning new skills to drive off the trail. Lunch will be served during the safari. Minimum of 4 persons.


289 € / adult, single driving

This safari starts from our office at Ruka or from Posio

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Ruka- Kuusamo, winter Rukanriutta 9 93830 Rukatunturi FIN Ruka- Kuusamo, summer Juumantie 120 93999 Kuusamo FIN Posio Kiririnteentie 1 97900 Posio FIN

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Rukanriutta 9
93830 Rukatunturi FIN

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Ruka Kuusamo
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