Ruka Safari Office

This is our main office and it is open in wintertime for activities and rentals.
Address: Rukanriutta 9, 93825 Rukatunturi

Rafting Centre Juuma

Our summer office is situated in Juuma, close to starting point of small bear trail. From here is easy to start all rafging and fishing activities. Cafe and camping area Retkietappi is just in our neighbour.
Address: Juumantie 134, Retkietappi, 93999 Kuusamo

Posio Safari Office

This Safari office is mostly open only on reguest for prebooked activities or rentals.
Address: Kirinrinteentie 1, 97900 Posio

Ruka- Kuusamo, winter Rukanriutta 9 93830 Rukatunturi FIN Ruka- Kuusamo, summer Juumantie 120 93999 Kuusamo FIN Posio Kiririnteentie 1 97900 Posio FIN

Mailing address
Rukanriutta 9
93830 Rukatunturi FIN

Billing Address

+358 40 8433 425

Ruka Kuusamo
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